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Marevivo Onlus is an environmental association recognized by the Ministry of the Environment and since its foundation (1985) it acts for the protection of the sea and the environment, against pollution and illegal fishing, for the study of biodiversity, the promotion and enhancement marine protected areas, environmental education in schools of all levels and for sustainable development and awareness on all issues related to the Sea, through national and European campaigns and projects.
The association is present in most of the Italian Regions both with the Territorial Delegations, made up of operators and a dense network of volunteers , and with its own Divisions: Beaches and Coasts, Underwater, Sailing and Canoe and Kayak, with which forward direct actions on the territory, in defense of the sea, lakes and rivers.
The latter mainly consist of:
  • Beach cleaning activities;
  • Removal of plastic waste from rivers with installation of collection systems at the mouth (Halikos-Marevivo Sicily project)
  • Recovery of abandoned fishing nets, out of use tires (ELT project) and exhausted batteries thrown into the sea;
  • Recovery of plastic waste from the sea with the use of special ecological boats.
Marevivo also carries out the work of creating awareness and advocacy campaigns , aimed both at transmitting environmental awareness messages to the general public, and at lobbying to encourage the approval of new laws and regulations on issues of protection and enhancement of the heritage environmental.
Among the most significant initiatives promoted by Marevivo in recent years, we can mention the "Marevivo for Plastic Free" campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastic, the "Salviamo le Tartarughe" project to protect sea turtles, the "Vivi il Mare" to promote sustainable tourism and the "Spiagge Pulite" project to combat pollution on the Italian coasts.
Among the campaigns, Eco AGN and its community have chosen to support " Replant " through the sale of their eco-sustainable products, 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified.

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