Collection: Keepers of the Oceans Collection

This collection was created in collaboration with the POSEIDON Research Center company.

50% of the revenues obtained from the sale of these products will be donated free of charge by Eco AGN to support the Mediterranum Sea Turtles project.

T he project focuses on monitoring , the collection of biological and morphometric samples on sea turtles of the Caretta caretta species .

POSEIDON Research Center carries out this project in the waters surrounding Sicily, but unlike many other projects on sea turtles, this one focuses on the study of animals in nature, not in tanks, in recovery centers or on the beaches during the period of reproduction, but by observing, retrieving and releasing individuals immediately after collecting data and samples!

This project is providing a much more complete picture of the biology and health of these wonderful animals. Furthermore, from the samples taken in an absolutely painless way, it is being understood how pollutants damage these animals.

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