Who we are

Founded in January 2023 and inspired by the names of the founder's three children Alessandro , Giada and Nicolò , Eco AGN aims to communicate and raise awareness of the importance of sustainability , while donating half of its profits to charity to non-profit organizations.

Under the motto " Better Future for Our Kids ", Eco AGN aims to build a sustainable future for the next generations. The brand is committed to supporting two main goals: spreading awareness about sustainability and contributing to charitable causes through significant donations.

One of the brand's first and most significant collaborations was with Marevivo Onlus , with which a line of T-shirts dedicated to the Replant project was created. This partnership highlights Eco AGN's commitment to preserving the marine environment and promoting the regeneration of coastal areas.

Transparency is a core value for Eco AGN. Therefore, an agreement has been made with Cents Donations , an innovative startup that allows customers to choose, within ecommerce, the charitable cause to which Eco AGN will donate 50% of its profits without additional costs. Thanks to this partnership, updates on the causes supported will be automatically provided through targeted communications.

Eco AGN is committed to using only eco-sustainable products. From the choice of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton , to the production of fabrics entirely recycled from plastic bottles and abandoned fishing nets, the brand adopts a circular fashion philosophy to reduce the environmental impact.

Additionally, Eco AGN distinguishes itself through manufacturing on demand , ensuring that products are only made and produced after purchase. This innovative approach reduces fabric waste and promotes sustainability throughout the production process.

The brand is also committed to adopting embroidery on organic material , thus eliminating the pollution associated with traditional printing and demonstrating a constant dedication to the environment.